Bideford Pottery - Pannier Market

Butchers Row, Pannier Market, Market Place
EX39 2DR
United Kingdom

Bideford Potter, Butchers Row

Bideford Pottery is a small family business which was established in 1983.  Specialising in traditional North Devon slipware, they are particularly well-known for their highly decorated harvest jugs which are mainly commissioned pieces that commemorate special occasions and events.

The main shop is situated just off of the quayside and is open for business all year round.  It is well stocked with a large selection of items;  everything from tiny eggcups to magnificent fat-bellied harvest jugs.  Something in fact, to suit every pocket.

Visitors are warmly welcomed to the shop and to the website as well as to their smaller outlet at 19, Butchers Row, within the town's  historic Pannier Market.