Georgie Fielden dip.BSA, dip.SMT(VTCT), MFHT

55 Lime Grove
EX39 3JL
United Kingdom

Georgie Fielden

Holistic Therapist

Georgie is a qualified and insured Sports Massage Therapist and Holistic Aromatherapist providing Sports, Aromatherapy, Swedish, Deep Tissue and Mobilising Massage from her comfortable therapy room in Lime Grove.

Georgie’s Signature Treatment Sports Aromatherapy Massage artfully combines her personal knowledge of outdoor pursuits, adventure travel and chronic injury with her therapies so you can experience a truly tailored individual treatment. Her pre and post sport massage blends are popular.

Sports massage includes medical history, lifestyle, range of movement, postural assessment with passive assisted stretching.  Georgie is passionate about sports performance however sports massage is not just for athletes, helping with chronic conditions (stress, RSI, myalgia) it is used by office workers and manual labourers alike.

Available for pre, inter/intra and post-event massage at sporting events.

Holistic aromatherapy massage includes medical history taking into account your current physical, psychological, emotional, energetic and spiritual needs to produce a tailor-made blend and reiki-infused treatment. Luxurious rejuvenating facials are available with massage add-ons (hands/feet, neck/shoulders).

Standalone aromatherapy consultations for home-blends can be made, for example, acute injury recovery (topical balm), chronic conditions (bath salts), colds/flu (diffuser oils), mood (roller-ball) or stress (spray).

*All mediums used are certified organic or sustainably wild grown.

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